20th Anniversary of Stäubli Hangzhou

From centennial classics to twenty years China prosperity

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

History Gallery

Stäubli Hangzhou

On October 20 of 2017, Stäubli Hangzhou celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Stäubli Group and her 20th Anniversary & the Phase II inauguration ceremony.

All the participants witnessed the development of our company and appreciated the state-of-art technology and innovative solutions.

Stäubli Hangzhou: Keep Moving

Stäubli created its first production site outside of Europe in 1997 - Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co., Ltd., located at Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone.

During the whole twenty years, rooted in China’s vast and fertile land with centurial experiences and technology inherited from Stäubli Group, Stäubli Hangzhou kept on developing and expanding and harvested clusters of fruits.

Today, by taking the opportunity of “WISDOM in China”, Stäubli Hangzhou continues in cooperating with her customers and moving ahead together to a more splendid future!