In order to verify the quality of the water produced by each membrane, desalination facilities using Reverse Osmosis RO frequently perform:

  • Water sampling (upstream and downstream the membranes)
  • Pressure point measurement to control the membrane

Stäubli’s RBE Series Coupling, which operates with a standard push button design, enables a flawless, easy and convenient method for sampling and pressure point measurement applications. 

ONE CLICK and it’s off, ONE PUSH and it’s on – A leak tight connection for over 1 million cycles. 

In the RO system, the membrane can be connected to a panel mount coupling fitted onto the sampling panel through a flexible hose. 

The very compact environment might restrict the use of standard tools – pipe wrenches, clamps. When performing work on the membranes, maintenance operators benefit greatly from the Stäubli push button as an alternative to using their tools.  One hand, automatic connection and disconnection with the RBE Series saves valuable maintenance time. 

Brackish water and sea water RO treatment presents two main potential problems: high degree of corrosion and high working pressures. The Stäubli RBE Series, push button quick coupling complies with these demands by its design and material.  It is available in various grades of steel from standard 13% chromium to 316L, 904L and many other compatible materials.  In 316L, the RBE Series has a working pressure rating of 3160 psi (217 bar).  

Reliability and long life is attested worldwide by the following RO desalination plants currently using Stäubli RBE Series quick couplings: 

BAHIA DE PALMA (Spain)           65.000 M3/day

CARBONERAS (Spain)              130.000 M3/day

FUJAIRAH (Emirates)                 170.000 M3/day

PERTH  (Australia)                      140.000 M3/day

BARKA II (Oman)                          120.000 M3/day

TENES (Algeria)                           200.000 M3/day

BARCELONA (Spain)                  200.000 M3/day