Hemo Dialysis Machine


Are the quick couplings on the Dialysate line of your Dialyser leaking and jamming? Does the Dialysate crystallize and cause problems when disconnecting or connecting the clean and used dialysate line? Stäubli, a Swiss manufacturing company with over 50 years in quick coupler experience has developed a product specifically designed for this problematic application.

The Stäubli RBE push button connector now comes with the “HD” option:

  • Double valved.
  • Push button locking is not affected by liquid crystallizing.
  • Degreased and electrolytic polishing
  • EPDM seals are assembled with water without lubricant
  • Valve assembled with Teflon tape without loctite
  • JE/HD Etching
  • Special quality control used
  • Individual sealed packaging
  • 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Field repairable to significantly reduce replacement costs
  • High Temperature seals available for autoclave cleaning


Contact your local Stäubli representative for more information.

Stäubli Corporation: 1-800-241-8560