Filling of bottles /cylinders
Laboratory gas supply connections
Gas distribution in chemical industry
Filling of bottles /cylinders
Gas distribution in pharmaceutical industry

Specialty Gas Applications

Stäubli Corporation, Connectors Division has a long history with providing top quality quick couplings, multi-couplings and custom products for the specialty gas industry.  In this case “specialty gas” refers to any bulk gas or gas mixture not including compressed air.  This category includes all inert gases, oxygen, breathing air, cryogenic fluids (LN2, CO2, LOX), hydrocarbons (including CNG, LNG, LPG), and various gas mixtures found in today’s industrial world from refining to chemical processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, etc….  Stäubli’s successes in these applications are a result of a relentless effort with gas manufacturers and suppliers, equipment and component/instrument manufacturers, and end users looking to solve leakage or maintenance solutions.  The following list highlights a few of the successes that Staubli has had over the years.  

Cylinder Filling
Stäubli has provided RBE couplings with keys and color coding options to large gas cylinder manufacturers and large users.  Much of the cylinder industry is regulated by the CGA/AGA which recommends specific cylinder connectors to be used in the dispensing/filling process.  Typically, the back end of these connectors are tapped with pipe threads or flange connections.  Stäubli’s RBE plugs are easily adapted to the back end of these CGA connectors and oriented appropriately in straight, 90 and 45 degree elbow configurations.  They can be sold with or without integral valves and can be utilized where the cylinder gas is under pressure or drawn from the cylinder under vacuum.  Valved or straight through RBE sockets, with its easy to use push button, can be sold with an integrated hose or tubing section.  For more corrosive gases, HCB and SCB couplings can be used for completely non-spill performance.   


Gas Distribution
For larger gas distribution applications such as N2 headers for a power plant, O2 and O3 lines at a hospital, pharmaceutical plant or semiconductor facility, and natural gas, inert gas bulk lines to a university lab, Stäubli provides a variety of products here as well.  The GPL coupling, an automatically connected mostly straight through coupling, comes in larger sizes from 1” to 2”.  The HCB comes in a larger version from 11/4” through 3” for corrosive gas applications where zero emissions are required.  Once again the RBE is utilized for many lab drops off a main header where the leak tight connection, color coding and keying is desired for differentiating gas circuits.  Versions of the RBE coupling have also been type listed by certifying agencies to meet local and national gas standards (UL, CSA, CE).  The smaller sized HCB coupling also remains one of the few instrumentation couplings that can also be keyed.  With its FDA electropolishing options, the HCB is an ideal choice for pharmaceutical labs and other sterile environments.   

Gas Analysis
Industrial gases are monitored in some plants continuously by analyzer systems.  There are also frequent gas sampling stations in emission stack monitoring, gas filtration, and gas processing.  Typically in these applications, a small orificed (1/8” or smaller) coupling is utilized at the instrument or analysis point, sometimes connected to a guage, filter, sensor, switch, controller, regulator or some other component.  The RBE Series, again with its ability in pressure and vacuum, plus with its easy to use push button, remains the ideal choice.  But other designs also exist such as the MCR, which is actually smaller than the RBE03, the HCB03, the SCB04, and also the RTN/RTX, which is used for remote handling inside a glovebox or evacuating a chamber.  

Another area of success for Stäubli Connectors Division is the use of quick couplings and multicouplings to deliver and recirculate gases and liquids in cryogenic applications.  The extreme low temperatures pose some challenges for seals and surface finishes, but Stäubli’s RBE coupling and RMP multicoupling has proven to be up to these challenges.  For CO2 injection/vent in beverage plants, Stäubli has developed custom RMP multicouplings which help users connect and disconnect multiple lines at once eliminating possible misconnection and reducing downtime.  The RBE coupling with a fluoropolymer seal works well for recirculating LN2 and slightly boiled off N2 in point of use delivery/vent applications.  Such systems are currently common in the fields of lasers and plasma cutting applications.  A special RBE/RCS hybrid coupling, the ROX, has been specially designed for O2 and LO2 applications.  Lastly, in the alternative fuels field, Stäubli also currently sells breakaway couplings, nozzles, receptacles, and check valves for LNG and CNG applications. 


Breathing Air
Stäubli currently offers a complete line of breathing air couplings and accessories for the supply of breathing air to masks and suits common in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, mining and asbestos removal industry.  The AQR couplings combine both the push button ease of the RBE Series and the anti-hose whip features of the RCS compressed air coupling.  The AQR and its family of products which include filter units, manifolds, and rack/equipped hoses, meet or exceed all industry standards and certifications.

Gas Delivery and Welding Gases
Finally, Stäubli products can currently be seen in various welding gas delivery and other specialty gas delivery applications.  Stäubli’s PSO Series couplings meet current ISO standards for industrial oxygen/acetylene delivery to welding torches.  The RBE Series, as in other applications, is modified through the use of other exotic metals such as Monel for use in industrial oxygen applications.  The engineers in Duncan, South Carolina and in France, routinely design multicoupling plates and Combitac modules for various gas delivery manifolding found in applications such as powder coating, medical anesthesia, industrial furnaces, and high purity etching tools.